Kappa Alpha Psi Guide Right Foundation of St. Petersburg

Below is a glance at the curriculum, programs and events that comprise portions of our Guide Right Kappa League program. 

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Guide Right Kappa League Curriculum

Note: Schedule is subject to change.

Kappa League Short-term Programs


Program designed to expose high school and undergraduate students to vari­ ous career options. Serves as a vehicle for members of Kappa Alpha Psi to interact with students as they explain and relate their challenges, successes, and knowledge about their respective fields of endeavor. Also augments recla­ mation efforts so that nonactive and active members can be involved.


Program designed to acquaint high school and undergraduate students with basic knowledge about the acquisition and retention of wealth through various investment vehicles. Instructs student about the differences between assets and liabilities and the advantages of sound financial management.


Tutorial program designed to improve in a quantifiable manner the performance of high school and undergraduate students on standardized achievement tests. The workshops can be conducted on a short-term basis or alternatively be distributed over a semester or academic year.


Implementation of these types of programs varies from coordinating and spon­ soring college fairs with representatives of various institutions to single day seminars devoted to the acquisition of financial resources for advanced educa­ tion.


Program offers suggestions and ideas about successful management of time and goal attainment through effective use of this irreplaceable resource.


Baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football, and other sports-related teams offer an opportunity to guide and direct boys and girls as they engage in athletic competition


This event is intended to PRESENT to the public outstanding male youths who are part of our Kappa League program or selected outstanding community youths. A mini­mum number of 1O youths is suggested.

Criteria for selection, academic GPA (2.5 or above), school and extracurricular activity, or community involvement.

Our Guide Right Foundation funds this event for our male participants.  It is also an opportunity to raise funds for the youth involved, next year.  We may also use the occasion to present college scholarships, to high school senior participants.

All participants receive plaques or certificates of their participation, for their academic and community achievement.

Kappa Kamp (2 Options)

Option 1

Kappa Kamp, is open to all Kappa Leaguers across the country and is held every year during July at the Piney Woods Country Life School located about 20 miles south of Jackson, MS. The school is one of only four historically black boarding schools remaining in the United States. Founded in 1909, the institution has had only three presidents: Dr. Laurence C. Jones, Dr. James S. Wade, and Dr. Charles H. Beady, Jr., all members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Piney Woods has won national acclaim and attention for its work in educat­ing black children.

Since 1996, Kappa Kamp at Piney Woods has provided young males ages 12-16 with opportunities to acquire skills and experience through intensive workshops. Students may choose from several enrichment camps and classes. The students may also attend a variety of cultural and recreational activities, arts and crafts workshops, field trips, and educational lectures.

The seven primary objectives of Kappa Kamp are to: (1) provide enrichment activities for students in grades six through ten; (2) motivate students to seek higher levels of achieve­ment; (3) expose students to activities rich in cultural information and experiences; (4) develop students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills while involved in each workshop;

(5) provide experiences that focus on science, technology and survival; (6) allow campers to make friends from around the world in a structured, safe environment; and (7) provide a Christian atmosphere for character education, citizenship, and human growth and de­velopment in an ethical environment.

Our goal is to provide this opportunity to deserving Kappa Leaguers at no expense to their family.

Click here for more information about the Piney Woods Kappa Kamp.

Option 2

Kappa Kamp located in Dallas, Texas at the Paul Quinn College is a summer leadership program aimed to provide students, ages 12-16 with the opportunity to acquire productive life-skills through intensive workshops and learning through structured physical activities. Students experience enrichment camps and classes, as well as attend a variety of cultural and recreational activities, field trips, and educational lectures.

Our goal is to provide this opportunity to deserving Kappa Leaguers at no expense to their family.

Click here for more information about the Kappa Kamp in Dallas, Texas